Wine and cheese

In FINDS, we carefully source specialty cheeses that taste so good you’ll feel like you’re in the French countryside, or an Italian villa, or a quaint Dutch village. We also source seriously good olives, charcuterie, wine,* and beer. That way you can try a cheese that piques your interest (feel free to ask for a taste), and blow your taste buds away with perfect pairings. Explore all this and more in FINDS.

Specialty Cheeses

specialty cheeses

Take a trip around the world by exploring our large selection of cheeses made by master cheesemakers from Holland, France, and more. We even have organic options. Our cheese specialists are here to guide you — whether you need a taste (just ask for one) or a suggestion.

Olives and Antipasti

olives and antipasti

Trying to make a picture-perfect charcuterie board? No board is complete without a stop at our olive and antipasti bar. Choose from a variety of specialty olives, peppers, artichokes, and more. And serve your charcuterie board with our GreenWise bread, specialty cheeses, and meats.

Wine and cheese

Pairing suggestions

Whether you’re entertaining guests or having a snack at home, pairing makes the experience better. In FINDS, you’ll discover thoughtful pairing suggestions from our experts. They help you complement the textures and elevate the flavors of our specialty wines,* cheeses, meats, beers, olives, and antipasti.

Specialty wines

specialty wine and beer

Come explore hundreds of wine varieties and several fridges full of craft, imported, and local beer.* If you’re on your way to a party and need your bottle chilled to the perfect temp, you can use our wine chiller. No promises you won’t want to live here.

Beer and wine tastings


FINDS is all about exploration. And what better way to explore than through tastings? We host beer,* wine, and cheese tasting events in our stores. Ask your FINDS specialist about upcoming events in your store. And while you’re at it, ask to sample a cheese you’re curious about too.

*Drink responsibly. Be 21.