In CUTS, we have a variety of—well—cuts. Our selection includes meats raised without antibiotics or added hormones* ever; sustainably sourced seafood; fresh, never-frozen fish; house-made sausage; and so much more. We’ll also cook your seafood for you, so you can eat it here, take it home, or add it to a tasty salad from the salad bar. Swing by to see why we’re a CUTS above.

House-made bratwurst

Preparation? On a bun, served with a side of mustard, or roasted with a medley of veggies—there’s no one way to enjoy bratwurst. But there is one thing that makes a difference you can taste: the quality of meat. That’s why we proudly use pork raised without antibiotics or added hormones. Stop by CUTS and bring home our exclusive brats, along with a growler from POURS or a pack of craft beer from FINDS (because brats + beer just make sense).

Drink responsibly. Be 21.


Preparation? Who needs it. Not you, if you have GreenWise stuffed burgers on the menu. They’re made in-house with 100% vegetarian-fed beef that’s raised in the US without antibiotics or added hormones ever. And they’re stuffed with savory ingredients such as blue cheese and peppercorn or jalapeños. Just throw them on the grill, enjoy, and repeat. Now that’s the stuff, friends. Available in CUTS.

CUTS fresh meat

fresh meats

Feeling inspired to grill, host, or just make a good meal? CUTS is the place to go. Our fresh, never-frozen meats are fed a 100% vegetarian diet and raised without antibiotics or added hormones* ever. And they range from tender NY strip to seasoned pork tenderloins and boneless chicken breasts to chef-inspired beef kabobs.

CUTS house made sausage

house-made sausage

Our sausages are house-made with GreenWise pork or chicken raised without antibiotics or added hormones* ever. Choose from a variety of flavors, including favorites such as buffalo chicken and maple pork. Made in-house with ingredients you can trust.

CUTS house seasoned bacon

house-seasoned bacon

They say bacon goes with anything. And since our house-seasoned bacon tastes so good, you’ll want to put that to the test. We source the best pork bellies we can find from pork that’s raised without antibiotics or added hormones ever. Choose from flavors such as spicy garlic and brown sugar pepper.

fresh seafood on ice


There are plenty of tasty possibilities with our wild-caught seafood: homemade fish tacos, paella, jambalaya, bisque, and the mouthwatering list goes on. If your stomach started to growl “Feed meeee” after reading that, take it as a sign to come explore CUTS—where you’ll find grouper, scallops, shrimp, and so much more. 

CUTs crab legs

sustainably sourced seafood

We’re committed to seafood sustainability. That’s why all the seafood in our fresh case is sustainably or responsibly sourced. It’s why we partner with two global leaders—the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership—to make our sourcing more transparent to you, our customer. And it’s why we created easy-to-understand labels that help you choose your seafood with confidence.

fresh, never-frozen fish

Values, like seafood sustainability, matter. And so does taste. Here, we don’t sacrifice either. We have a selection of fresh, never-frozen fish that are kept at the ideal temperature at all times. Why? Because we want your fish to taste really, really good. For the texture to be just how you like it. And for the experience to keep you coming back for more.

cooked for you

We want to make grocery shopping easier for you. That’s why we’ll cook your fish, shellfish, or Seafood Cook-in-Bag Meal free of charge. Get it grilled, baked, or broiled with a variety of aiolis, seasonings, and finishing butters. It takes only a few minutes (seriously).



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*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry.